Why a Thorough History is Important

At dormMD, your health and wellbeing is our priority. We don't practice drive-thru medicine. It contradicts our core values of empathy, excellent care, prevention of illness and respect. Our initial intake accomplishes several things. It establishes you as one of our valued patients and allows us to review how dormMD works, its benefits and its limitations. Our careful documentation of your medical history is essential for providing you with safe and effective care. When you have an appointment with your doctor, we want the entirety of your visit to focus on your health concern and ensuring that your, and your parent's, when appropriate, questions are answered completely. Because all of your history is in front of your physician, he or she already understands what contributes to your diagnosis and treatment. The intake will also allow us to get a glimpse into your family and social life, and how this contributes to your health beliefs. Together, we will come to understand your goals for college and beyond, and partner to keep you on track, with the flexibility to change these goals as you grow and change. We believe by getting to know you first as a person, and then as a patient, dormMD will be able to provide you with the best healthcare possible

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