This is Your Body Saying, "Slow Down!"

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

It is a random Wednesday in the middle of the semester and you just don't feel like yourself. You haven't been at a party or bar since Saturday night and none of your friends are sick, but you cannot shake this feeling something isn't right. When there is no obvious reason we feel unwell, it is even more important we listen to what our body is trying to tell us. Sometimes it isn't a shout we need to hear, it is a gentle whisper. There is wisdom in our muscles and bones. Before you jump to the conclusion you are getting sick, try some reflection about what may be going on. The following is a list of symptoms that may simply mean you need to get some rest, focus on some self care and grab an apple instead of a donut. It may mean skipping a darty, but by paying attention to your body, you'll develop the resiliency to manage a healthy balance of work and play.

Unexplained fatigue


Stomach upset


Dry skin

Neck and shoulder pain

Difficulty concentrating

Losing enjoyment in things you used to find fun

Sugar cravings

Losing your train of thought


If you are experiencing some of the above, take stock of your health and your habits. Make small changes. Prioritize sleep, exercise and nutrition. Talk to someone you trust. Pump the brakes and make some time for yourself. If the symptoms persist, consider talking to a professional.

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