Enjoy Better Student Health

with dormMD

dormMD solves the problem faced by many students living on campus -- inadequate access to healthcare. College students report long wait times, lack of privacy, rushed care and inconvenient appointment times at campus health centers. Even the best systems are overwhelmed and cannot provide prompt, thorough care for problems pertaining to physical and emotional health.

dormMD's doctors have a special interest in providing excellent healthcare to the college-aged population, and the vast majority of ailments and concerns prompting students to seek medical care can be handled effectively through telemedicine. 

Studies show the relationship between patient and doctor is related to the health of the patient. Our relationship with you is based on trust, compassion and an understanding of who you are, the unique challenges you face, and the health climate of college life.

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How We Work Together

  • When you register, you schedule a mandatory intake evaluation which will be provided by one of our health specialists. Learn more about why this is important.

  • During this comprehensive session, dormMD will get to know you, your history and your life and health goals. The information provided will be essential to delivering the best care possible, and will also allow you the time and space to consider your wellbeing in college. 

  • After the session, you will be assigned a personal physician. He or she will reach out to you directly via text or email (your preference) as a way of introduction and to open the lines of communication. Nothing is required from you.

  • Should you require healthcare, you schedule a telemedicine face to face session with your physician. If help is needed more urgently, a covering physician will see you as quickly as possible. We are open 7 days a week. 

  • If you would like to include your parent in the visit, you will be invited to do so. We find this helps avoid any confusion with relaying what the doctor said, and in many cases, brings peace of mind to both parent and patient.

  • All visits will be scheduled for 30 minutes, and the focus will be on ensuring adequate care, your complete understanding of next steps, and your satisfaction with the visit.

  • All visits include follow up via a call or a text (your preference.) Your doctor will be available for questions pertaining to this visit. If further evaluation is needed, you may be asked to make another appointment.

  • All visits are charged a flat fee. See price page. A bill will be provided to you or to your parent for submission to your insurance company upon request.