Introductory Pricing

Initial Consultation ... $200


  • A thorough intake which will establish the knowledge your physician will need to ensure you receive the best, personalized care. 

  • The opportunity to consider the factors that contribute to your health, how these factors change in college, and to set goals for this exciting next stage.

  • Enrollment in the program will provide you access to additional health and wellness content, much of which will be designed with you and your specific needs in mind. 

  • Your parent can be invited into this call after the initial intake is complete to fill in any blanks in your medical history and to share any specific information which will help your doctor take great care of you.

Televisit ... $125


  • A convenient and private telemedicine visit with your personal physician, or with a covering physician (who also knows your history) if the problem is urgent.

  • Follow up from your doctor the next day and as necessary via text, email or a call (your preference)

  • If you want additional support, a parent or guardian can be invited into the visit to avoid communication confusion and to offer peace of mind. 

  • A bill to submit to your insurance company. Insurance companies in most states are required to reimburse telemedicine at the same rate as an in-person visit.

A few words about the culture and cost of medicine. Because of financial demands, primary care providers are very often required to see patients in 10-15 minutes. This kind of drive-thru medicine is an unfortunate by-product of many factors, including but not limited to big business taking over healthcare, insurance company profits and the threat of litigation. Many college health centers bill for their services. Studies clearly show a strong relationship between doctor and patient can make an enormous difference in health outcome. dormMD understands paying out of pocket for healthcare is uncomfortable and unprecedented for many, but we believe great care, the establishment of excellent health beliefs and habits, and the empowering of young adults to live a life of moderation and wellness, is worth the investment. Let us show you it is.