About dormMD

The Mission

dormMD provides excellent, easily accessible healthcare to college students living at home and while abroad. With a unique understanding of the health challenges faced by this population, dormMD delivers both acute and comprehensive medical and psychological care to keep students well in mind, body and spirit. With a passion for prevention, our goal is not only to treat illness, but to teach the value in lifelong self-care.  


Karen Latimer is a family physician, wellness coach, health content contributor and mother of five. She has long advocated for the empowerment of young people to live balanced, healthier lives. Believing strongly in the adage, "teach a man to fish" she encourages parents and others who influence our youth to teach wellness strategies to their children, rather than simply tell them what to do. "Our kids are more intuitive and insightful about their bodies and their health than we give them credit for. I started dormMD to partner with young people as they make the sometimes scary transition from childhood to adulthood, so they may have the resources and the support to start taking responsibility for their own health. Many chronic illnesses can be prevented with lifestyle choices, and health beliefs are cemented when we are young. We need to do a better job for our kids."

The launch from home to school is more stressful than ever before, and campus health centers are struggling to keep up with the high demand for services. Students report great dissatisfaction with the care received at these clinics, and often forego medical care entirely, resulting in increased anxiety and frequent illness. Parents are more connected with children than ever before, which is, at the same time, comforting and worrisome. Many college students still want parental involvement in their healthcare, and feel lost and alone in its absence. 

dormMD was founded by Dr. Latimer with all of these principles and challenges in mind. By offering personalized, understanding, convenient care to students, we cannot only make them feel better in the short term, cure their symptoms and provide reassurance to them and to their parents, we can affect authentic, positive change in the way they approach lifelong health and wellbeing.

dormMD is positioned to handle the mental and physical effects of the novel coronavirus and the ensuing campus regulation on student health.