Personalized, convenient healthcare for college students

Partnering with college students and parents to ensure a healthier, happier campus experience

An alternative to the campus health center

Visit your doctor virtually in the privacy

of your

dorm room

Avoid delay

in diagnosis



Receive excellent healthcare


peace of mind

College presents a unique set of health challenges. New places, new people, different food options and different sleep schedules, combined with the stress of leaving home, make college a time of diminished physical and emotional wellness. But, the opposite is also possible. With the right support, college can be a time of improved health and empowered independent living, setting the foundation for a long life of robust mental and physical health. 

Doctor's Desk
  • With the student's consent, we include the parent in the visit, streamlining communication and providing peace of mind.

  • Our physicians are trained in adolescent and adult medicine, seamlessly helping our patients navigate the changing health needs from childhood to adulthood.

  • We have a deep understanding of both our patients and the culture they live in, allowing us to not only diagnose effectively, but to prevent further illness.

  • dormMD empowers young people to transition to being wholly responsible for their health and wellbeing.

  • We provide resources above and beyond the typical "in and out" office visit

  • We focus on the whole patient, not just on the symptom or disease.

dormMD is a college concierge healthcare service,

but we are so much more than that​